Is this the world's most luxurious hotel for pets?

Pets Get Red Carpet Treatment at This Fancy Hotel
Pets Get Red Carpet Treatment at This Fancy Hotel

Five star services are offered to the pets of wealthy customers staying at the luxurious Hotel Bristol in Vienna.

Dogs are welcomed when checking in to the hotel with a chewable bone, personalised with their name.

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In the rooms there are comfy beds, blankets, hand towels, toys and organic pet shampoo are provided to make them feel at home.

They are welcomed at the famous Bristol Lounge or if they are more in the mood for a quiet night they can order room service where they offer a dog and cat menu and a vegan option for those who are vegetarian.

They offer dishes like poached fish and beef tartare with prices starting at $25.

There's even a red carpet rolled out for pets at the hotel bar.

An after dinner walking service is also available for those who want it