This is what you're missing if you're not at Star Wars Celebration

Whether you've been a devoted member of the Star Wars fandom since forever, or the two words make you cringe in nerd-fearing horror, you can't NOT be impressed by the scenes at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration event.

The three-day Europe event at ExCeL London has been showcasing all the franchise's latest merchandise, with special appearances from actors past and present, artists and some teasers from the standalone film Rogue One.

But everyone is still keeping super quiet about the upcoming Episode VIII movie.

So if you couldn't fork out the full £70 for the events, here's what you've been missing...

Some seriously impressive cosplay.

And THAT tune jumps straight into your head.
And THAT tune jumps straight into your head (Will Bereton/PA)

That red paint isn't coming off for weeks.
That red paint isn't coming off for weeks (Will Bereton/PA)

Getting totally starstruck meeting the original Star Wars screen legends. Yep, that's Luke, AND Leia.

And Warwick Davies.

Cuddles with Chewy - because you know you've always wanted to.

The kind of merch that even non-Star Wars fans would love...

And a chance to get all your artwork customised by the geniuses themselves.

Some pretty impressive scenes...

And some more unexpected ones...

Hang on, we said YODA, not 'yoga'!

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