Ten ways to sleep well in the heat

Tips and tricks to survive hot summers' nights

5 Cool Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights

Getting a good night's sleep during hot weather isn't easy. If you don't have air conditioning, don't worry - here are 10 easy ways to cool down.

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1. Go low
Hot air rises, so sleeping low to the ground will instantly help you to feel cooler. Consider throwing the mattress on the floor or sleeping in a downstairs room on an air mattress.

2. Drink water before bed
We lose a lot of water during the night, particularly in hot weather. Drink a glass of water before bed – if you're hydrated, you'll sweat more and that will cool you down. Just stick to one glass, unless you want to be making frequent trips to the toilet during the night.

3. Camp outside
Pitch a tent in the garden. The kids will love the adventure, and it's a good way to feel cooler. Just be sure to use plenty of bug spray.

4. Hang a wet sheet in the window
Cool down an entire room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. Any breeze blowing through will quickly lower the room's temperature.

5. Put your sheets in the freezer
While we're on the subject of sheets, make sure yours are 100% cotton (which is more breathable and offers better ventilation than polyester). To cool them down, put your sheets in the freezer for half an hour before bed. Place it in a plastic bag first – unless you want to find squished peas in the bed later!

6. Put your hot water bottle in the freezer
Dig out your hot water bottle, fill it up, and stick it in the freezer. Put it in the bed before you go to sleep, and it will help to cool down the sheets.

7. Take a cool shower before bed
If you're feeling the heat, take a cool shower before bed. It will help to lower your core body temperature, making it easier to drop off. Failing that, soak your feet in a bowl of cold water before bed.

8. Invest in a cool gel pillow
It's hard to sleep when your face is so hot and sweaty it sticks to the pillow. Invest in a cool 'gel' pillow and enjoy a night of blissful, chilled out sleep.

9. Build your own air conditioner
If you're good at DIY, you could always build your own air conditioner. Place a block of ice inside a cool box, cut two holes in the top, then put a small desk fan down in one hole and PVC pipe in the other.

10. Fan and ice
If that sounds too much like hard work, simply position a roasting tray full of ice cubes in front of a fan. The air will pick up cold water from the ice's surface as it melts, producing a cooling mist.