A third of us find it hard to figure out the total price of a flight


A British Airways plane flies over head

It turns out you're not alone if you find it a struggle booking flights. Many of us think that airlines are trying to make it extra hard for consumers to find out the total cost of a flight, according to a new survey by TripAdvisor.

A poll of 4,497 UK holiday bookers revealed that 38% think information on in-flight amenities such as WiFi or entertainment is not very accessible – while 32% named seat selection as the most annoying extra charge.

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The travel website announced that it has launched a new airline review section and redesigned its flight search service in a bid to increase transparency in the sector.

Bryan Saltzburg, a senior vice president at TripAdvisor, said: "The time has come for a better way to research, compare and shop for flights.

A British Airways jet

"TripAdvisor is excited to innovate and lead with the launch of airline reviews in 48 markets in 29 languages.

"Additionally, we've introduced a set of new features within our search experience to help consumers better understand the true value of air travel beyond price."

World's best airlines 2016 (Skytrax)

World's best airlines 2016 (Skytrax)