People have taken David Cameron's little hum and turned it into musical masterpieces

After announcing that he will leave Downing Street, David Cameron seemingly forgot that his microphone was still switched on and was heard humming to himself as he entered number 10.

The now-famous "do-doo, do-do, right" was picked up by news networks and we haven't stopped talking about it since. So naturally, musicians have responded to Britain's most famous hum in their droves. Here are a handful of our favourite remixes and compositions inspired by Camer-hum.

Here's an entire orchestra of instruments joining in on the "do-doo, do-do".

This person composed an entire melancholy melody around the two bars hummed by Cameron.

This composition makes it sound like he's singing the beginning of a Disney anthem.

Potentially our favourite of all is this ditty, titled the "Evil Tory Theme Tune".
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A Cameron-Curb Your Enthusiasm mash up here.

And last but not least, here's a club banger remix of "Do-doo, do-do".

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