Couple arrives home to find koala relaxing on their sofa

Cutest Intruder Ever? Couple Comes Home to Koala on Couch
Cutest Intruder Ever? Couple Comes Home to Koala on Couch

This cheeky koala gave one couple living in Australia quite a shock when they discovered him lounging about on their sofa.

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Vicki Haines and Michelle Goodman, from New South Wales, came home to find this little guy hanging out in their living room, clearly quite at ease with his new surroundings.

They walked in to find the furry little marsupial just casually lying on their sofa, they think he probably came in through their dog's door.

After the initial shock wore off, they called the Hunter Koala Preservation Society and Simone Aurino came by to safely collect the house guest.

Vicki and Michelle definitely did the right thing by calling the authorities. Although they look very cuddly and friendly, koalas actually have big talons and things could have been painful if they had tried to deal with the animal themselves.

Luckily everything worked out and the male koala was microchipped and released back into the wild.