Caterham releases spoof 'airline safety briefing' video

Any carmaker will tell you how difficult it can be to make motorists pay attention to their vehicles' safety rules.

So Caterham has taken a novel approach and replicated an airline safety briefing, with an attractive young woman presenting the safety advice to a passenger in a two-seater Seven 620R, driven by a 'pilot'.
Only, being Caterham, the rules are somewhat different. Phrases such as 'Smoking is encouraged' refers to burning rubber, while instructions are interspersed with footage showing exactly what happens if you don't oblige.

The video draws to a close with the woman advising the passenger to read the 'safety card' in front of him. 'Passengers are requested not to vomit, cry or soil themselves, as this may distract the pilot,' it reads...

The nervous passenger is then offered a Martini and told to enjoy his flight, before the pilot accelerates and the contents of the cocktail glass splash onto his face.

The British carmaker released the spoof earlier this month in an effort to encourage more people to test-drive their iconic stripped-back sports cars.

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