Big Brother 2016: Housemates made a surprising choice for who should be saved from eviction

As Annihilation Week continues, the Big Brother housemates were back in the deliberation room to decide the fate of one more person - except tonight there was a twist.

Housemates were split into two teams and told to "target" a member of the other team. The housemates naturally assumed this meant choosing someone to evict - but it was actually choosing someone to give immunity to for the rest of the week.

the housemates choose who to grant immunity to (Channel 5)
(Channel 5)

It was between Andy West and Jayne Connery and the pair had to watch painfully as their housemates discussed who they thought deserved immunity more - and viewers found it just at painful to watch.

The housemates decided Andy deserved it more - which came as a bit of a surprise since many of them had previously chosen him as the most likely to be a game player.

But they seemed to come to that conclusion with good intentions, explaining that Jayne had said several times that she wanted to leave, whereas Andy had had a bit of a tough time getting on in the house recently.

This Annihilation Week really is turning out to be as brutal as it sounds.

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