Son jumps out of car boot to surprise dad

Son Pops Out of Trunk to Surprise Dad

An American gave his father the fright of his life by hiding in the boot of his car on his birthday.

When YouTuber Brian Vogelhesang flew out to Illinois, Chicago, for a surprise visit, he thought he would make the moment even more comical by jumping out on his unsuspecting dad.
"My mom picked me up and just before we got to the house I hid in the trunk of the car," he explained. "She asked him if he could grab a few things from the trunk when she got home and then I surprised him!"

He caught his father's priceless reaction on camera and uploaded it to his channel, where it has been viewed almost 2 million times, and received more than 26,500 'thumbs-up'.

Vogelgesang, a photographer based in Berkeley, California, says that he and his father often prank one-another.

It's easy to see where the youngster got his sense of humour from, as after the initial shock subsided, his father delivered the brutal line: "I mean enough to be scared by somebody, but then to see this face!"

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