What to do if your pet gets stung by a bee

What To Do If Your Pet Gets Stung By a Bee
What To Do If Your Pet Gets Stung By a Bee

Dogs can have severe allergic reactions to bee stings just like humans. Would you know what to do if your pet got stung?

Just like us our pets also experience painful swelling and redness around the site.

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Most vets say to pick out the stinger to prevent more swelling and treat the area with a cold compress the swelling usually goes down in a day.

If it doesn't go down and you suspect an allergic reaction, head straight to the vet. You'll know immediately if they're allergic - you may see them break out in hives, have pale gums and trouble breathing.

It's possible for your pet to go into shock from a bee sting just like a human who severely allergic - contact your vet immediately if this happens.

What can you do to protect your pet?

Clear your garden of beehives and have better drill during dog walks so that your dog knows to avoid bees. You can also keep pet antihistamines handy - but consult with your vet beforehand so they cut can recommend the proper dosage.