Viewers found it hilarious that no one really recognised the celebrities on Celebrity First Dates

People up and down the country were welcoming the return of First Dates to our TV screens - even if it was the celebrity version.

There was a sense among viewers (due to the ever-expanding definition of the term "celebrity") that they might not recognise who the famous people were - and a massive hope that the people on dates with them wouldn't either.

And that's exactly what happened with the The Only Way Is Essex's Jess Wright and EastEnders' Richard Blackwood.

Jess really seemed to like the fact her date didn't know what Towie was...

...but Richard definitely seemed a bit more put out when his date was confused why one of the waitresses was talking to him about EastEnders.

It was the same for Paralympic table tennis player Will Bayley and his date (but they got on really well so it didn't matter)...

... but when Esther Rantzen walked through the door, the reaction of her date John was positively priceless.

Ah First Dates, we've missed you.

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