Could this new 'pod plane' transform air travel?

Could New Pod Plane Concept Change Air Travel?
Could New Pod Plane Concept Change Air Travel?

Switzerland's Federal Polytechnic Institute has announced a fresh idea for air travel and transport that could put an end to hassles like long lines and overcrowded airports.

Called Clip-Air, the concept suggests the plane's flying component and fuselage become separate elements, allowing for them to be mixed and matched.

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Both people and cargo would travel in capsules which could be attached and disengaged from the flight gear as need dictates.

The developers also envision pods being able to travel via road and rail.

The Clip-Air website states: "The current geometry of the plane Clip-Air, with the possibility to hook one to three capsules, is only one of the forms possible of the Clip-Air.

"The plane is a starting point for the exploration of new fields of research, such as alternative energy, economic and societal impact or airport architecture of tomorrow."