Britain's next Prime Minister will be a woman as Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom battle for number 10


Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom have made it through the second round of voting and been selected by Conservative MPs to battle for Number 10.

May received the overwhelming number of votes, with 199 Tory MPs voting for her to be their next leader.

Leadsom came in second place, receiving 84 votes, and Michael Gove, who has now been eliminated from the contest, received 46 votes.

Michael Gove speaks at the Policy Exchange in London, where he set out his case for becoming prime minister.
(Stefan Rousseau/PA )

The contest started with five MPs - Liam Fox was eliminated in the first round and Stephen Crabb pulled out, lending his support to May.

It is now a two-horse race between May and Leadsom, with grassroots Conservative party members voting between the two candidates.

The result means it is now certain that Britain's next Prime Minister will be a woman.

Photo dated 07/10/86 of Margaret Thatcher.

The country has had one female Prime Minister before, Margaret Thatcher, who also led the Conservatives.