Tesco customer writes hilariously detailed complaint about his carrot batons


Hell hath no fury like a man who buys a bag of uneven carrot sticks, as Tesco customer Aaron Swift proved. In a tweet that has since amassed hundreds of retweets and favourites, he shared his outrage at the one issue all of us are really angry about deep down; an inadequate bag of carrot batons.

It all started with this tweet:

To which a Tesco employee asked him to "elaborate".

And so elaborate he did.

The level of detail observed by Aaron on this cross sample of 15 batons is really quite commendable. From "curly," "this one actually squelches" and "infested," his outrage at the motley crue of batons is clear.

Aaron says that he has since been promsied a refund for his rubbish batons, and tweeted (whether jokingly or not, we're not entirely clear) that Tesco want him to deliver a speech on the perfect baton.

Fingers crossed it's true, for the sake of carrot baton eaters everywhere.