Gemma Collins admits: I gained and lost weight for lucrative magazine deals

Reality TV star Gemma Collins has admitted to gaining and losing weight for money.

The 35-year-old TOWIE star, who earlier this year took part in Celebrity Big Brother, revealed she had been advised to look terrible so she could later gain money from revealing her weight loss journey.

Gemma Collins in 2012
Gemma Collins in 2012 (Jonathan Short/AP)

She opened up during an interview for Channel 5´s In Therapy series, which has previously seen revelations from celebrities including Katie Price and Danniella Westbrook.

Exploring her relationship with food and money, she said: "I remember my agent saying the only way to make money in this business is relationships, weight gain and weight loss.

"They said you need to go over to the park and be pictured in gym wear looking really massive so we can get some terrible shots of you, but then you'll get £15k for the pictures, Gemma.

"Looking back now, I never ever ever would have gone down this whole route of weight gain and weight loss, but it was a fast way to a quick bit of money."

According to Digital Spy, the reality star also told therapist Mandy Saligari that, in one incident, a magazine editor refused to pay her as she had not met the target weight outlined in her contract with the publication.

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gemma Collins
Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gemma Collins (Jonathan Ford/Channel 5)

"I turned up wearing a size 14 bikini and the stick-thin editor looked at me and said I hadn't lost enough weight, we aren't paying you out on the deal," Gemma said.

She went on to speak about her miscarriage, her weight struggles and her failed romances.

The programme appeared to give Gemma some relief, as she said: "This has been amazing for me because this will bode me well for my future and I've realised that I'm definitely not indestructible. I'm just like every other human being."

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