Twitter cringing at Tom Hiddleston's 'I love Taylor' vest

Tom Hiddleston is going all out to prove his relationship with Taylor Swift is a romance, not a fauxmance.

There have been plenty of photos of the new couple looking cosy on beaches, holding hands as they amble through towns and smooching in Rome.

But if you still weren't certain, Tom has driven the point home by wearuing a t-shirt that says "I (heart) T.S". He also had a love heart painted on his arm with a 'T' in the centre.

But if Tom was hoping to charm fans, he's in for a shock.

Fans are CRINGING at the tacky top, which the Night Manager actor wore for Taylor's star-studded July 4 party in the US.

And it might not just be about a few blushes, as some Twitter users are predicting Tom and Taylor's show might just hurt his career.

Watch out Tom!

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