Orangutan escapes from enclosure in Florida

Rosie Vare
Orangutan goes on loose in Florida animal park
Orangutan goes on loose in Florida animal park

These are scenes from inside an animal theme park in Florida as an orangutan escapes from its enclosure.

The female, called Luna, managed to break out of her habitat at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and started climbing trees just yards from visitors.

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At one point she even dropped to the floor and sat on a display board, prompting screams from some of those standing nearby.

Luna, who is 18-years-old, had to be tranquilised so keepers could capture her safely and place her back in her enclosure. While this was happening the park evacuated the visitors.

Busch Gardens later released a statement saying: "The safety of our guests, employees and animals is our number one priority".

It's not yet emerged how Luna managed to get out of her habitat, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is understood to be carrying out an investigation.