Big Brother 2016: One of the contestants is now engaged after a surprise proposal

Big Brother contestant Andy West hasn't had the best time in the house, but he has a reason to smile again because he is now engaged to his partner Ed.

The boyfriend of the former BBC journalist entered the house as part of a task and then stunned Andy by getting down on one knee.

"Will you marry me?" Ed asked a tearful Andy as he produced a ring.

Big Brother's Andy West is engaged (Channel 5/screengrab)
Big Brother's Andy West is engaged (Channel 5/screengrab)

"I'm so lucky. I knew it before, but being in here, I've just been like, I can't live without you," Andy replied.

The happy couple then discussed how much much they'd missed each other.

"Have you seen me crying?" Andy queried.

Ed responded: "Constantly."

Andy told housemates the good news, starting with Laura Carter. "I've just got engaged," he said as she squealed and congratulated him.

He got a similar reaction after sharing his happiness with Emma Jensen.

Laura Carter (Channel 5)
Laura Carter (Channel 5)

The latest shopping task for the housemates is a challenge to earn "loyalty points".

Big Brother will tempt the contestants with all manner of rewards and goodies to test their loyalty to each other.

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