Big Brother 2016: The curious case of the disappearing avocados causes tension in the house

The past few days in the Big Brother house have seen their fair share of tension, tears and tantrums, but amid the jealous lovers and fiery arguments, there was a more controversial matter on the housemates' minds... Avocado-gate.

The curious case of the disappearing avocados has been tormenting the house for days, and in Friday's episode some of the housemates took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of it.

Viewers saw an unlikely allegiance form as Evelyn, Georgina and Laura compare notes to come to the unanimous decision that Emma was the avocado thief.

The trio accused their fellow housemate of stashing the fruits away in secret location only to snack on them when nobody was around.

"I don't think it's fair, we can't spend that much money on avocados for one person to eat them," Laura said.

"She popped up two days ago with an avocado and it was out of date. It had gone stale and mushy," Georgina agreed.

"Where is she hiding them?" Evelyn exclaimed.

Evelyn, you're not the only one wondering where the secret stash is hidden, but something tells us it won't be long until the avocado thief is rumbled - and we can't wait for the inevitable fiery confrontation to follow.

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