Lil Wayne's prison memoir Gone 'Til November is available for pre-order

Back in 2010, when the Young Money plane was really about to take off, Lil Wayne spent eight months incarcerated on Rikers Island.

Weezy left us with a lyric on Drake's Miss Me saying he wasn't worried about spending time away during such an important moment for the empire he'd been busy building, and with the release of his memoir Gone 'Til November we're promised a "deeply personal" journey into Wayne's time inside. We'll find out whether that was true.

Lil Wayne arrives at the Lil Wayne welcome home party
Lil Wayne arriving at his welcome home party (Jeffrey Boan/AP)

Lil Wayne was given a one-year sentence, of which he served eight months, after pleading guilty to attempted possession of a criminal weapon.

The book will be available from October 11, according to Amazon, but in the meantime you can read some of his correspondence from his time on Rikers.

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