Instant karma for driver who cut up biker in merge

A biker who was cut up by a driver in a merge lane ensured that the motorist got her just deserts by alerting a police officer to her actions.

The biker, who goes by the name of CrashTestDave on his YouTube channel, was riding his 2012 Yamaha FZ6R through South Windsor Connecticut when his lane and the adjacent one began to merge.
Despite the biker having the right of way, the impatient motorist attempted to undercut him. When he questioned her actions with a few choice words, she continued to push her way forward.

Noting her numberplate, he continued on his journey. However, when he saw a police cruiser in a car park further up the road, he decided that the woman deserved a dose of karma.

As he alongside the police officer, he explained what had happened.
With an order of "Pull up behind me" the officer activated his blues and two and pursued the woman.

Thanks to the motorcyclist's quick thinking, and the video recorded on his helmet-mounted cam, the woman was reportedly handed two tickets by the police officer - one for passing on the right and another for unsafe lane change.

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