Motorcyclist crashes during wheelie attempt

Motorcyclist in nasty crash after wheelie attempt

A daring motorcyclist who was filmed performing a wheelie at high speed lost his balance and crashed.

The rider, one of a group named the Seattle SuperMoto Junkies, was riding his Yamaha WR450F with friends on Saturday in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington, USA, when the one-wheeled trick went wrong.
Footage caught on another rider's helmet-mounted camera shows the biker overtake the others on his rear wheel. Suddenly, a small wobble causes him to lose his balance, and, unable to recover it, he crashes painfully to the ground.

As he rolls along on the wrong side of the road, his bike is seen crashing into the roadside ditch, where it collides with a wooden telegraph pole.

According to the rider who filmed the incident, the casualty was okay following the crash, however the motorcycle was badly damaged.
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