Rebel Wilson wants to write a musical about Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid

Rebel Wilson has said she would love to write a musical about Ursula the sea witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

The Pitch Perfect star, who has long been a fan of musicals, is making her West End debut as Miss Adelaide in Guys And Dolls on June 28 for eight weeks.

When asked if her plans for the future include writing musicals, she told the Press Association: "I would love to!"

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson will make her West End debut (Ian West/PA)

She added: "I just worked with Alan Menken - who's a genius songwriter who wrote basically any Disney musical song - and I was like, 'Let's do a collab, let's get something going,' so hopefully I can.

"Ursula, that I just played from The Little Mermaid, we could do a great original movie with Ursula and old-new songs. I think that would be cool."

Earlier this month at The Hollywood Bowl, the 36-year-old impressed US critics with her performance of the sea witch in a live production of Disney's 1989 animated favourite.

On the subject of Guys And Dolls at London's Phoenix Theatre, the Australian said she was ready for a challenge.

"I wanted to mix things up. Things in movies are going so well, I'm getting offered such cool roles, but I wanted to diversify a little bit.

"It's super classy to come to the West End - so many American and Australian actors come over to join the very talented British."

Guys And Dolls follows gambler Nathan Detroit and his fiancee of 14 years, the club singer Miss Adelaide.

Rebel Wilson will star in Guys and Dolls
Rebel Wilson will star in Guys And Dolls (Johnny Buzzerio)

Talking about her character, Rebel said: "Miss Adelaide is a very iconic role.

"She's got all the comedy and sass that I like to bring, but she's got some really heartfelt, kind of heartbreaking moments in the show."

Production stills of Wilson as Miss Adelaide are reminiscent of a 1950s blonde bombshell look epitomised by Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield.

She agreed: "Most people don't associate me with glamour, I'm more your everyday girl. But there's something about the 1950s.

"For example, I never wear tights ever in real life because they just stick to your skin and you've got to pull them on and it takes, like, five minutes.

Rebel will star in Guys and Dolls
Rebel will star in Guys and Dolls

"But in the 50s that's what they did so it's been very interesting for me to try on all the undergarments that they'd wear - and the tights."

Wilson's profile in the UK rose even higher when she stole the show at the Baftas with a very funny speech.

In response to whether she has a speech prepared for stage equivalent the Olivier Awards, she said: "That was the best night ever. I had the best time!

"I don't think I can be nominated for any awards. But this is not about awards. The very first time I came to the West End, I was 21 and I was a student and I went to see all the musicals that were on at the time - all the old ones like Starlight Express and The Lion King - and I was just like, 'Wow! I wonder if I could ever do that one day?'

She continued: "Now, I'm going to be in one of the shows and it's a real honour and I hope people come because I'm going to try to give it. I've only got 64 performances, it's not a lot when you think about it so I'm going to give it every single night and try my best."

For more information about Guys And Dolls visit the Phoenix Theatre's website.

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