Hunting humans: The next tourist trend of the super rich?

Hunting Humans Could Become Big Tourism for Super Rich
Hunting Humans Could Become Big Tourism for Super Rich

A lecturer in the UK has given us a very grim insight into what the future of tourism could look like: he claims that in the not too distant future the super rich will hunt poor people for sport and tourism.

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Daniel Wright, a senior lecturer in tourism, wrote about his thoughts in the scientific journalFutures.

Wright says that the world population is going to put more and more stress on the planet and that this stress is going to increase the disparity between the super-rich and everyone else.

He believes that by 2100 the super-rich will be able to hunt human beings - and by 2200 he thinks it will be legal and maybe even televised.

Does it seem far fetched? Well, the Roman Colosseum worked under a similar principle.

In the abstract of his paper, Wright says: "Significantly, changes in our natural environment will lead to great challenges, lack of water, depleted food resources and greater disparity between the wealthy and impoverished; all of which will drive the change in our humanly existence.

"Death as entertainment by form of detachment (emotionally and physically) will further influence the future fun aspect of hunting humans."

Wright also talks about the influences of 'dark tourism', which involves tourists visiting sites of death and destruction, such as Auschwitz and Chernobyl.