Flood-hit homeowners urged to contact insurers

Anyone affected by flooding or lightning damage should contact their home insurer as soon as possible, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said.

Malcolm Tarling, a spokesman for the ABI, said: "Lots of urban areas can be at risk of flooding, so it is sensible to check Environment Agency flood maps to see if you are at flood risk."

The ABI offers the following tips to those who have been affected by the bad weather:

- If necessary, arrange temporary emergency repairs to stop any damage getting worse. Tell your insurer and keep any receipts, as this will form part of your claim.

- Do not be in a rush to throw away damaged items, unless they are a danger to health, as these may be able to be repaired or restored. Your insurer will advise.

- If your home is badly damaged and uninhabitable, home insurance will cover the cost of emergency temporary accommodation. Commercial insurance policies may cover the cost of renting temporary business premises if needed.

- Comprehensive motor insurance will cover flood damage to vehicles.

Southeast England Hit by Flash Floods

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