Glastonbury fans battle traffic chaos and mud - and it's not even started

Arrivals on day 1 - Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury traffic trouble has kicked in early, with organisers issuing severe traffic warnings before the gate even opened at the festival site.

An update released at 6.30am told festival-goers that "current weather and ground conditions are causing heavy traffic congestion" and asked those arriving by car or camper van not to set off.

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The update then went on to give advice on what to do next, depending on how far along the dreaded journey you have come.

Glasto officials are also encouraging people to tune in to the local radio station for traffic updates

That's not all Worthy FM are playing though...

As usual, thousands of people have rolled out of bed at ridiculous o'clock to indulge in the greatest of British pastimes: queuing.

And it wasn't long before people started sharing their horror stories, and #Glastonburytraffic was trending on Twitter.

Some saw the humour in the situation

Some wanted all of us to know exactly how long it was taking

Others showed us exactly how bad it was

It is the worst it has ever been?

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