Tourist's car rolls down ravine after he stops to take photo


This tourist got a shock while on holiday in Austria recently when he had to watch his own car roll down a ravine. The worst part is, it was entirely his own fault.

The Dutch holidaymaker was driving through the mountainous Vorarlberg region in Austria when he stopped to get out of the car and take a photo of a nearby waterfall, the Daily Mail reports.

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He was snapping away at the waterfall, which had become swollen by recent rainfall, when everything started to go downhill... literally.

As the tourist focused on taking a souvenir photo, his car rolled forwards and plummeted 30 foot down the ravine.

Not only was the car a complete write-off but firefighters had to be called to remove the vehicle.

The photograph shows the blue car lying on its roof at the bottom of the steep hill and there are also visible tracks in the grass on the hillside where the car rolled down.

Police confirmed that the car was a write-off and that neither the driver or passenger were hurt in the incident as they were luckily both outside of the car when it fell.

Taxi Stories: Vienna, Austria
Taxi Stories: Vienna, Austria