Big Brother 2016: Natalie Rowe gets a formal warning and viewers on social media are glad

Big Brother was once again rocked by an almighty row, with nominated housemate Natalie Rowe once again at the centre of the argument.

Viewers watching the highlights in Wednesday night's instalment saw Natalie lose her temper resulting in a formal warning from Big Brother.

It all started over some wine. Former X Factor contestant Ryan Ruckledge was pouring wine for some of the housemates. Natalie took the bottle from him and started to pour for herself, Lateysha Grace and Emma Jensen.

Natalie Rowe and the Big Brother housemates (Channel 5)
Natalie Rowe and the Big Brother housemates (Channel 5)

Unhappy housemates protested and an annoyed Natalie knocked the bottle out of Laura Carter's hand. Ryan yelled at her and after being called to the Diary Room, Natalie received her warning for her "unacceptable behaviour".

Fans watching the action unfold were quick to have their say on Twitter, with many taking the view that Natalie deserved her admonishment.

No sympathy for Natalie

I still like her

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