A guy played his music so loud outside a New York Mets game they called the police


A man who clearly knows how to have a good time was arrested in New York for playing music so loud out of his $20,000 (£13,600) soundsystem that the New York Mets bullpen called 911.

Arriving at an intersection outside the Mets' Citi Field stadium at around 10.45pm, 47-year-old Nelson Hidalgo hopped out of his van and proceeded to play music exceedingly loudly out of the 80 speakers he'd installed, according to AM New York.

As he drew larger and larger crowds, he also attracted many complaints - not just from the Mets pitchers that were warming up - and the police attended, charging the man with second-degree criminal nuisance, general noise prohibition, disorderly conduct, and obstructing the driver's view.

Upon his arrest, the man reportedly said: "I know it's illegal, but it's the weekend."

If only that was an excuse the police accepted.