Jeremy Clarkson and James May film supports Remain campaign

Jeremy Clarkson and James May have joined the long list of celebrities expressing their opinion on whether Britain should stay in the European Union.

The former Top Gear presenters have come out in support of the Remain campaign, claiming a vote to leave would make it very difficult for them to film their new show 'The Grand Tour.'Clarkson and May are famous for disagreeing on everything, and claim that the only things they've agreed on before this referendum are that the Ford Mondeo is a 'good' car, and that sandwich spread is 'delicious.'

One of the reasons the pair are against leaving the EU is that they would need a carnet every time they crossed a European border. A carnet is a document that allows the production crew to cross into a country with vehicles and equipment without paying any taxes - EU nationals can travel inside the EU without one.

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