Man caught shoplifting meat in his trousers

Man Caught Shoplifting Unbelievable Amount of Meat

A video of a man caught shoplifting a rack of ribs down his trousers is going viral.

In this video, which has been viewed on Facebook more than 63 million times, the man is seen being accosted by a shop employee.

The man then begins pulling the stolen merchandise out of his trousers, and it's not just one pack of bacon he has down there.

The thief appears to have stuck at least five different meat items down his trousers.

It's not clear whether the shop later called the police, but for that amount of meat we'd be surprised if they hadn't!

However, he's far from the first person to fall victim to his crime being caught on camera.

One man was caught on CCTV making a beeline for the steak aisle before casually strolling towards the exit as he hastily shoved the food into his trousers.

Another woman, filmed in the UK, was seen stealing more than £50 worth of meat from her local shop.

It seems the train of though is, if you're going to take the risk then you may as well get your money's worth.

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