This Australian teenager captured his own shark attack on video


Imagine not just living to tell the tale of a shark attack, but having video evidence to prove it.

Brad Vale, a diver from Western Australia, was spear-fishing in Coral Bay, 1,200 kilometres north of Perth, when a shark appeared as if from nowhere and bit him.

The 19-year-old managed to wrench himself free from the animal's jaws and retreat to the surface. All the while, the camera he was wearing captured the action.

Vale told Perth Now: "I dived down and just sort of sat down at the bottom and a shark came in on me.

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"He got a bit close then did a big turn at me and charged so I gave him a poke. When I poked him he just turned back and without me noticing I looked down and he was already chewing on my gut.

"I got to the surface and was going to shoot it but I didn't even have time to do that. He sort of latched on to my stomach and I tried to hit it with my gun in my hand but he let go pretty quick."

It was a close call and one he probably doesn't want to recreate, no matter how good the footage is.