Rhinos charge at car during safari park journey

Photo credit: Peet van Schalkwyk
Tourists captured the moment they were caught between two warring rhinos on a safari park in South Africa.

Peet van Schalkwyk and his wife Lynn van Heerden were on an early morning safari when the two animals challenged each other on a dusty track.
After fighting for some time, the pair of rhinos turn their attention to the camera car – and charge straight for it.

Van Schalkwyk told The Mirror: "They didn't notice me at first, but when they passed our car the dominant rhino became angry – and tried to chase me away by jumping up and down in front of the car.

"I assumed he was afraid of me due to the fact that I made no effort to go away.

"He then went back and stormed at me again, but gave up when he realised he made no impression on me.

"I held the camera very steady the entire time, and I wasn't afraid at all – that's because it was my wife's car!"

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