Lions sentenced to life in a zoo for 'murder'

Rosie Vare
Lions in India Charged with Murder and Sentenced to Life in a Zoo
Lions in India Charged with Murder and Sentenced to Life in a Zoo

Police in India who took 18 lions into custody say that after a full investigation they are giving life sentences to the animals believed to be responsible for killing three people.

Eighteen lions were taken from the Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat, India, and put into custody after the incident.

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Officials then analysed paw prints and tested the animal's faeces to see which members of the pride were responsible for the killings and the lions were all kept in separate cages while the 25 day investigation took place.

The lead investigator claims he found the guilty lions, one male and two females and they will be sent to live out the rest of their lives in a zoo.

The others will be sent back to the national park which apparently doesn't have any real barriers between the humans and animals.

The park itself is fenced off, but once you're in, it's all open.

Although lions are natural predators and very skilled hunters, studies show that attacks on humans are because of outside factors - like the lions being starving and forced to get food wherever they can, or they're dealing with stress brought on by a change in their environment.