Things got very heated on Question Time: EU Special when Michael Gove started talking about his dad

Michael Gove took to the stage in the first of two special Question Time shows to put forward the case for leaving the EU.

The audience covered the usual topics like migration and the economy - but then the conversation took a more personal turn.

david tells gove about his dad in front of the audience (Screengrab/BBC)

Just after Gove told the audience the tale of how his father was forced to close his Aberdeen fishing business because of EU policies, host David Dimbleby pointed out that his father had actually been quoted as saying that wasn't the reason at all - much to the bemusement of the studio audience.

Gove then claimed his father had the words put into his mouth and passionately said that no-one should "belittle his suffering or try to get a 79-year-old man to serve their agenda".

(Something which the reporter in question denies.)

The heated discussion won him a fair bit of support from the people at home.

But his angry approach didn't go down so well with everyone.

Though as is often the case with all this EU stuff - when things get a bit heavy, make light of it.

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