Fans bid emotional farewell to Charlotte Crosby as she leaves Geordie Shore forever

Charlotte Crosby said she was proud she "gave it her all" as her final episode of Geordie Shore aired on Tuesday night.

She sensationally quit the show earlier this month after an escalating row with ex-boyfriend Gary "Gaz" Beadle over her ectopic pregnancy and accusations both had cheated on the other.

She wrote to fans at the time: "I am hugely sad and it kills me to write this, I will miss Geordie shore with all of my heart, it was my life and I (heart) you all so much."

Fans were heartbroken as they watched Charlotte for the last time on Big Birthday Battle, as she made peace with Gaz for kissing co-star Marty McKenna.

She said of Gaz: "He's not only my best friend but he's my rock. From day one when we came in this house we've been through so much. So may ups and so many downs.

"We've always managed to come back together. I don't know a life in this house without Gary.

"If I was to ever lose him I don't think I would be able to live here any more because it's only ever been Gary. It only ever will be Gary. That's all."

The end of their relationship was too much for some fans.

Some even vowed to not tune back in now Charlotte was gone.

Goodybe, Charlotte!

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