Great British Sewing Bee: Contestants had to make something out of PVC and viewers thought lots of naughty thoughts

It was swinging 60s week on the Great British Sewing Bee and contestants were tasked with creating something wearable out of a classic material of the era: PVC.

The group's reaction to the raincoats they had to alter wasn't exactly full of excitement...

... but the same couldn't be said for viewers at home, who all of a sudden were overcome with racy thoughts running through their heads.

The finished pieces did end up having a fairly flirty element to them, whether it was created with cut outs or cropped lengths.

Judge Patrick Grant was the first to pick up on the vibes when he called a red one-shoulder dress "strangely sexy".

He then moved onto a pink top with pockets and said it reminded him of a "nerdy sailor".

a pink top made out of pvc (Screengrab/BBC)

Not *too* sure these looks will be rushed onto the high street any time soon - although a few people did think of a potentially very practical use for them.

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