Best credit cards that offer 0% on transfers and spending

Best credit cards that offer 0% on transfers and spending
Best credit cards that offer 0% on transfers and spending

An all-round credit card is a handy tool that combines two or more offers on things like balance transfers, purchases, money transfers, rewards, points and cashback, in one place.

These sorts of cards are handy if you want to cut down on the amount of plastic you carry around and can make your life simpler.

That's because with one card you won't have to manage different payment dates, navigate multiple online banking systems and remember lots of different passwords.

Going for an all-rounder deal will also save you having to apply for two or more cards separately and going through more than one credit check, which looks a lot better on your credit record.

While all-round credit cards can come in a variety of combinations, typically cards that offer deals on 0% balance transfers and purchase are the main battle ground for providers.

These allow you to spread the cost of a big purchase but also move existing debt from another card you may want to close down at the same time.

The best all-round credit cards

If you want just one card that will get you 0% on purchases and balance transfers, here are the best picks of those that offer identical interest-free periods.

*Card has £24 annual fee
**Card has £3 monthly fee

The Barclaycard Platinum 25-Month Balance Transfer and Purchase Credit Card is the top deal at the moment. It's offering 25 months interest free on spending and freezing your debt.

However, if you were prepared to sacrifice one month, you could go for the Virgin All Round Credit Card which has a cheaper balance transfer fee of 1%, compared to 2.5% with Barclaycard.

If you have overdraft debt you want to clear, it also comes with 24 months 0% on money transfers with a 1.9% fee.

But if you are looking to avoid balance transfers fees altogether, the Santander 123 Credit Card and Santander Credit Card allows you to do them for free. However, you should bear in mind that the Santander 123 Credit Card comes with a £3 monthly fee.

Not for everyone

All-round credit cards for 0% balance transfers and purchases won't be the best option for everyone.

If you need to tackle big credit card debts, all-round cards are probably not a good idea as you can get longer lasting 0% deals.

Right now you can get 0% balance transfers lasting 40 months, giving you 15 months longer to freeze your debt and get back in control of your finances compared to the top all-round credit card.

Likewise, if you don't have any debt to shift going for an all-round credit card may not be the best option as there are longer lasting deals available that will give you more time to spread the cost of your purchases.

At the moment you can get 27 months 0% interest-free spending with the Sainsbury's Nectar Purchase Credit Card and Post Office Money Matched Credit Card, which is two months longer than the top all-round deal.

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