Big Brother 2016: Viewers on social media slam the 'collapse' of the show's big twist

Big Brother's fake eviction appears to have killed the twist that show bosses were so keen to hype up with viewers.

Housemates Alex Cannon and Jackson Blyton moved into the house with The Others while Andrew Tate and Ryan Ruckledge entered the main house in their place.

But it seems Big Brother may have been a bit premature with the swap as the newcomers forgot - or ignored - the instruction to keep the existence of The Others a secret.

Andrew Tate (Channel 5)
Andrew Tate (Channel 5)

Big Brother is featuring two houses for the first time in the reality show's history, with "The Others" living in the second house. But viewers expressing an opinion on social media did not hold back their disdain after the twist imploded.

Not impressed by this twist's outcome

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