Flowery-outfit wearing thief steals car from petrol station

Photo/Video credit: NT Police
A car thief dressed in flowery clothes has been caught on camera stealing a car in a petrol station in Australia while its owner paid for fuel.

Filmed in the Puma service station in the northern Darwin suburb of Jingili, the video shows the owner of the white car fill up the vehicle, then leave the door ajar while he goes inside to pay for the fuel.
Beforehand, a man dressed in a floral get up had circulated around the area. As soon as the car's owner disappeared, he jumped at the chance and leapt into the just-filled vehicle.

The white Hyundai's owner gives chase after noticing his car speeding away, but is unable to catch it in time.

Senior Sergeant Smith told the Daily Mail: "He's dressed very brightly in a beautiful flowery arrangement - it appears he's wearing a onesy.

"I'd say he's the prettiest dressed offender I've come across."

Although bad news for the driver, it is in fact Australian rule to remove the keys from the ignition and close the door if the owner is over three metres from the closes inside part of the car. Smith added that drivers could face a fine of $80 if they fail to secure their car.

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