Retired policeman saves 24-year-old from sinking car

A retired policeman saved a man's life after he plunged off a pier and into the sea.

Stuart McIvor, 71, dove into the water after 24-year-old Alexander Glasgow drove into the sea while trying to board a ferry on the Orkney Island of Shapinsay.
McIvor told the Daily Mail: "I was watching as he tried to get the car on to the ferry – you have to reverse on to it. Suddenly it gained speed and he couldn't control it.

"The car rolled down and was in the water. Then I heard him shouting, 'I'm trapped'. We think he caught his foot in the steering wheel.

"I just thought, 'I've got to do something'. I'm 71 but I worked as a policeman for the Met for 32 years and I've worked as a lifeguard before.

"I don't even remember going down the steep ferry steps. I just remember being in the water and the crew had thrown a lifebuoy so I brought that to him. He was shivering and in shock.

"He had managed to get halfway out the window and I just stayed with him and we got ashore."

Thankfully, following the incident Glasgow was given the all-clear following a check up by a doctor. Glasgow's mum, Helen Richards, said that her son was still in shock. She added: "I don't think he realises what a close call he had. Someone was looking down on my son and I would like to thank the gentleman for what he did."

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