Police deputy adopts dog he rescued from a septic drain

Police Deputy Adopts Dog That Was Found Trapped In Septic Drain

A dog that was trapped inside a collapsed sceptic drain in Florida, US, has been given a new home by his rescuer.

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Florida police officers were serving civil papers to a residence when they heard whimpering and came across the trapped pooch.

According to the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, the dog was found scared and exhausted.

"They pulled him out, gave him several baths and attempted to locate an owner in the neighborhood. Not finding anyone, the pooped pooch was adopted by the deputy that rescued him and is now enjoying a life in the lap of luxury."

The Facebook post has received 19k reactions and 1.4k comments at the time of writing, with many people thanking the officer in question for giving the dog a second chance at life.

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