Meet the new suitcase that can climb stairs

A Suitcase That Climbs Stairs

Traxpack is a new kind of smart suitcase which works to make it easier to go up and down stairs, in an attempt to take the 'lug' out of luggage.

Traxpack is a standard size carry-on with tracks on one side to help it up the stairs so that suitcase works in a similar way to how a tank moves around.

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The tracks are not motorised though so it will still take a little muscle to get it up the stairs.

The weight of the bag creates fiction making a heavy lift into a smooth one.

But that's not all the Traxpack is able to do, it includes a built-in scale as well as USB ports for charging. The novel suitcase also includes a positioning system that beeps when your bag is too far from you.

The Traxpack founder began a kickstarter campaign in the hope of helping travellers everywhere.

The page states: "TraxPack's mission is to make travel safe, secure, and smooth."

Adding: "With the help of some very talented people we have met and surpassed our goals for the initial prototype and created a product that solves the travel pitfalls of the past."

So far the campaign has gained 31 backers and has made $4,466 of their $65,000 goal so far.

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Meet the new suitcase that can climb stairs
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