Commuter baffles internet with bizarre leg position

Commuter baffles internet with bizarre leg position

You can see some strange things on your commute in and out of work, whether it's people in unusual outfits, those that choose to indulge in unpleasant habits or, if you're unlucky enough, you might even see a live rat climb all over a fellow passenger.

But one photo recently shared on the internet has left people totally baffled.

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Imgur user SickofFeelingNumb posted the above photo on the sharing site 10 days ago under the caption: 'Excuse me would you mind not sitting like that please? Thank you' and it has gone viral since with people all over the world questioning how such a position is even possible.

The woman in the photo appears to have crossed her legs not just once, but she has somehow managed to wrap them around a second time as well.

Since it was posted the photo has been viewed nearly 500,000 times with bemused commentators struggling to understand how this is physically possible.

One user, Fahargo, said: "How how does the right knee go beyond the left leg then twist to the side?" while another joked: "She hasn't long now until she returns to being a mermaid."

But, it seems this lady isn't alone in sitting in this unusual position though as fellow user Gimmiethefood commented: "Omg! I do it too- almost always actually. It's comfy. I don't know why it freaks people out."

Meanwhile Jeskaska said: "Yess! It's so comfy. It makes my legs feel secure to hook it all the way around like this."

So while this woman doesn't appear to be alone in her impressive contortion, she's certainly left the internet baffled.

You can see the original photo and the bemused comments on Imgur here.

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Commuter baffles internet with bizarre leg position

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