People are freaking out that there really is a second Big Brother house this year

ICYMI, there's a whole other house in this series of Big Brother.

Meanwhile, presenter Emma Willis kept saying "The Others are coming". But Emma, what does this mean?!

Well, there are six housemates who were blindfolded and led into the garden of the second house. We got to have a look round the house and then saw "The Others" take off their masks and reveal their identities.

Big Brother informed the six wannabes, including former X Factor 2015 contestant Ryan Ruckledge, that they aren't housemates.

Instead, they must pick off the housemates and steal their place in order to become real contestants.

Oh, and that's not all - some of them may know the "real" house mates.

In fact, Emma Willis teased the possibility that an ex of Jason Burrill's (who's in the real house - still with us?) is one of these mysterious "Others".

So, what do people think of this year's twist?

There's a lot of mystery surrounding how the "others" are going to become actual housemates.

But what we do know is model Laura Carter is immediately up for eviction - a live twist saw the housemates stand by a podium labelled with a character trait that best described them, and "The Others" chose to target the person who had stood at the "sexy" podium. That was Laura.

And the twist wasn't over yet...Laura then had to nominate someone to join her in being up for eviction. So she went former star of the Valleys, Lateysha Grace.

Ooh, bring on all the drama...

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