Cops tell biker to "get a real bike" after pulling him over

Two policemen in Germany joked with a motorcycle rider to "get a better bike" after pulling him over for not having a rear licence plate.

The incident, which was filmed on the biker's helmet camera, sees the two police officers pull him over after he cuts a roundabout short.
After a short chase, the officers in a BMW X3 catch the biker and force him to slow down.

Coming alongside the biker, two officers step out with one of them nonchalantly eating an ice cream.

While asking the biker where his licence plate his gone, they tell him to "buy yourself a real bike, seriously."

They also ask him to remove his helmet and turn the camera off, with the one officer continuing to enjoy his ice cream the entire time.

The footage is reported to have been filmed somewhere in Bavaria. Please be aware, it does contain strong language.

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