Black bear opens car door, terrifies family inside

Photo/Video credit: Liveleak
An American black bear scared a family recently after it managed to open their car's door during a photo stop.

Filmed in an undisclosed location, the footage shows the car pull to halt to allow the family inside to take photos of the large black bear outside.
To their delight, the clever bear walks closer to the parked vehicle – giving those inside the perfect opportunity to get a photograph.

However, the bear has other ideas. Quickly figuring out the car's handles, it manages to pull the door open while stood on its hind legs – much to the horror of its occupants.

Amidst screams from the children inside, the bear peers through the open door before the car's passenger pulls it closed, allowing the driver to pull away.

This is one incident that could have turned much worse had the passenger not closed the door quickly enough – they'll certainly remember to lock the car next time!

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