Made In Chelsea: Heartbreak as Binky and JP broke up but the pet name 'Bubba' upset viewers even more

Made In Chelsea fans were NOT prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions as it was announced that Binky and JP had split up.

JP ended his first ever relationship over the phone because he disapproved of former party-girl Binks going on a big night out. Then she admitted she'd kissed someone else.

JP and Binky break up
Oh Bubba (Channel 4/Screenshot)

The pair debated their doomed relationship over an intense, emotional chat - but it was very hard to take any of it seriously when they both referred to each other as "Bubba" over and over again.

Chelsea is no stranger to cheating we just never though Binky would do it.

Binky on Made In Chelsea
Binky was cheated on by ex boyfriend Alex (Channel 4/Screenshot)

As Ollie, Rosie, Louise and Lucy stood up for Binky, viewers wondered if there was a double standard at play.

Rosie and Louise on Made In Chelsea
Louise and Rosie confront JP about why he broke up with Binky (Channel 4/Screenshot)

And many viewers pointed the finger at JP, calling him a "controlling" boyfriend for trying to change Binky into someone else.

JP on Made in Chelsea
JP didn't approve of Binky's party girl ways (Channel 4/Screenshot)

And many thought Binky was better off without JP anyway.

Whether you're on team JP or team Binky, if you didn't shed a tear you probably have a heart of stone.

JP and Binky on MIC
Sob (Channel 4/Screenshot)

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