Buffalo attacks lion: Does he have no fear?

Brave buffalo charges at lion in India
Brave buffalo charges at lion in India

Footage has emerged from India of a feisty charging buffalo attacking a lion.

The video, captured by tourists in Gir National Park in Gujarat, India, on 5 June, shows the lioness calming strolling around the area near the safari vehicles.

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She appears to be curious about what is happening in the cars when the camera pans to the left, showing a group of buffalo standing a little way off.

All of a sudden the film sweeps back to the right where the lioness appears to back off slightly before one large buffalo charges at the lioness, which runs away while the visitors in safari cars watch on.

In the end, the Asiatic lion can be seen quickly disappearing off into the jungle with the buffalo in hot pursuit.

Gir National Park is home to more than 520 lions as well as over 300 leopards, deer, jackals, hyenas and foxes, as many as 200 species of bird and more than 40 different types of reptile.