Lamborghini given 'illegal joyride' by police

Photo credit: CitySupercars
The owner of a £200,000 Lamborghini Huracan claims that police took it for an illegal joyride after it was confiscated at the roadside.

Erwyn Mackee, who owns luxury car rental business CitySupercars, said that data from the car's in-built tracker showed that police had hit 63mph in a 30mph zone while travelling in the Italian supercar.
He also added that rather than take it on a longer run, police could have driven the car to an impound yard just 200 metres away.

Speaking to the Sun, Mackee said: "I guess the police had seen the film Bad Boys too many times and just wanted to drive a posh car.

"I have a tracker on all my cars so I can warn customers if they drive erratically, but I never thought I'd have to use it on the police.

"They didn't take the short route, they drove the long way round, and went over the 30mph limit three times."

Officers had pulled over the Lamborghini near to Heathrow airport following a query with the car's insurance. At the time, it was being driven by a delivery driver who contacted Mackee to make him aware of the problem. Despite being stopped, the Huracan was later found to have all of its insurance policies intact.

Mackee added: "The fastest was 63mph, that's a ban for you or me, so it will be interesting to hear what happens to them.

"They were obviously after a bit of fun and liked the look of the Lamborghini because they called for 'back-up' and there were about five police cars and ten officers.

Mackee has lodged a complaint with the Met Police, who issued a statement saying: "Locally this matter will be looked into to establish the exact circumstances of what took place."
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